Bless the Watsons

Sean 1-11-12

My heart was just broken, ripped to pieces and stomped on hearing my children sob for their mother. I had to tell them the lukemia was back. How can God turn a def ear on their pleas for her life? How can he turn a blind eye. Please pray for Jennifer and the kids.

Susan 1-11-12

Dear friends, please pray for my sister Jen, her husband Sean and their four beautiful children tonight. Jen and Sean have had to tell the kids that the leukemia has returned. Please pray for them to be able to sleep and rest soundly tonight. I pray that God sends his sweetest angels to surround them tonight and to wrap their arms around each one of them. I pray He sends the biggest bodyguard angels to surround their home. That no evil be able to touch them. I also pray that the Holy spirit surrounds Jen and removes this cancer from her now, in the name of our great reedemer Jesus Christ! I plead with God for Him to pour down His healing power right now and completely take this leukemia from her and totally restore her on this earth. Will you stand in agreement with me! God is always doing the impossible! I hope you know how much my heart loves you all!!! BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!

Susan 12-18-11

Drum roll please ...Jennifer Watson has fought like a lady and now ... Its official ... She has left the building(hospital)!!!! Whewhoo! Praise God!!! We are sooooo rejoicing! God is great and greatly to be praised! Love you all! Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

Susan 12-16-11

Jen update... Her white blood cell count is up to 3,800 today! Praise God!!! Doctors are very impressed with how Jen's body is accepting her new cells. Her blood type is already changing over (to my type) and this usually takes months! This is sooooo cool! God is moving in a mighty way and He has shown this over and over throughout this journey! AwEsOmE!!! Everything is going so well that she may get to go to a hotel for the weekend and she will be in her new apartment by Tuesday. Ofcourse she will continue to need to make daily hospital visits but to sleep in a real bed... God is awesome! I think we may be dancing on those beds tomorrow ; )))) Continue to pray for her organs as her body switches over blood type and DNA... Pray for her to eat and drink. She has been nauseated due to switching her medications from IV to pill form... Pray against any infections and against cancer, that it will never form in her body ever again... in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ! This Christmas is gonna be the best yet for us all! 

Susan 12-17-11

Guess who I am having a slumber party with tonight??? My aMaZiNg sister Jen(even though she is already sleeping...hehe! Actually, now that I think about it, it was always typical of Jen to fall asleep first at all her slumber parties when we were teenagers... I usually had to talk and hang out and entertain her friends for her! Which ofcourse...I loved!) It looks as if tonight will be her last night in the hospital! Praise God.... isn't He is soooo AwEsOmE!!!! I'll tell ya what...I thank God for Jen! She is my hero! Jen sure has been fighting like a lady! Despite everything she has gone through..she is always so sweet through it all! She is definetly a CHAMP! All the nurses and staff just love her! They keep stopping by in amazement that she is leaving so soon and they are all sending her lots of love! These people have been amazing up here! God really has everything under control... His resources are infinite...He has given Jen the very best from day 1, back in motown... and all these amazing people here in Columbus... so many very special people to help her along this journey! WOW! You all have prayed so much for all these things and have been such amazing friends to us all! I am so excited for Jen's future... she's has lots of dreams... someday soon she will get her children's museum up and running... stayed tuned for that! It's gonna be cool! This girl... her love and passion for children... well, it's a gift from God! I know God has great plans in store for Jen! Tomorrow, we will be going to party it up in a hotel until her apartment is ready on Tues. She will be seen as an outpatient from then on! God is so merciful and faithful! He is greatly to be praised! Continue to pray Jen stays infection and cancer free.

Good news continues!  Susan 12-14-11

Jen update... God is healing my beautiful sister and I stand in awe of His great mercy, love and faithfulness! Jen's white blood count today is at 2,900 (6,000-10,000 is the normal range for us all.) They are growing healthy and the docs are pleased with her progress! Praise God! She is still experiencing some side effects and really has been sleeping these days away. 

Good news!  Susan 12-12-11 8am

Update out of Columbus,OH...
Jen had NO fevers throughout the night! Thanks to our King! Jen's white blood cell count went from 800 yesterday to 1100 today! Praise God! Finally... drumroll please..... They detected ZERO cancer cells amongst all the healthy ones! Thank you sweet Jesus! The battle belongs to the Lord and He is winning! Whewhoo! Now go sing praises to our God! He is worthy to be praised!!!! Continue praying and standing in agreement with us for TOTAL HEALING AND RESTORATION FOR JEN WATSON!!!! One more time... Whewhoo! (These people at Sheetz think I'm nuts! It's ok, I kinda am... but I love it!) Isnt God soooo awesome! Have a great day my dear friends!!!

Smile!  Susan 12-15-11

Jen update... Her cells continue to grow and are healthy... All 3,000 of them! Praise God! Sean said Jen is feeling much better today! Our God never ceases to amaze us!!! Sean also said this... "We are not going to live in fear, the battle has been won." Thank you Sean for speaking truth and breathing courage into our hearts today! 

Susan 12-11-11

Yahoo! Talked to mom and despite last night being the worst for Jen, today brought lots of Joy! Jen's white blood cell count is up! Her cells are now growing and we are expecting amazing new life inside of her! Thank you for all your prayers and love... Thank you for your sweet and funny messages!  

 Keep on praying for Jen's total healing! We are indeed gonna see Jennifer's body blossom into NEW & VIBRANT life! 

Michael Smith 12-11-11 (via Susan)

A message sent from my brother Michael... He would like us all to stand in agreement with Jennifer's complete healing... Let's focus on these things,

1. Gods mercy and complete healing, for throat and temps, and for Jen to be cancer free and to have a long and prosperous life.

2. For Jen to have a strong and powerful mindset and spirit, to have steel rod in her backbone, to be bold as a lion.

3. Lastly, for Gods provision, protection, peace, confidence, favor, truth, hope for Jen and that the powers of darkness have to flee. NOW!!!! 
We ask these things in the name of Jesus!
We are praying individually, but united as one in spirit. We are in agreement on all these things. AMEN!!!! 


Thank you Michael and thank you dear friends for standing with us!

Susan 12-10-11

Jen update... just talked to my mom, she said Jen is still having quite a rough day! SHe is still very nauseated, her throat is very irritated and bleeding, having fevers, and lots of pain. Again, these side effects are to be expected due to the chemo and stem cell transplant. They have her loaded up on antibiotics and pain meds. Despite how bad she is feeling... mom said that Jen was still able to find the strength and walk 2 laps around te nurses station! Can someone say... PeRsEvEreNce and CoUrAge!! That's my girl! Thank you dear Lord for holding my sister together! I thank you now for what you are doing... I know you are healing her! I am so excited for my sister's bright future! Keep praying she is able to sleep these hard days away. Pray she has beautiful dreams while she sleeps! Pray for these side effects to ease up and pray against infection. Pray for her organs to stay strong. Pray her new cells begin growing and maturing and fighting any cell that is not perfect! Pray for her mind and her heart to stay focused and keep fighting! Pray for total healing and total restoration to her entire body! Pray for my mom as she sits and watches her daughter endure this suffering. Pray she remains positive throughout this! Continue to pray for Sean as well while he is away from Jen and taking care of the kids. I'll tell ya, I praise God for my mom and Sean. God has kept them so strong! Wow! They are amazing people! Pray for her precious kids... they miss their mommy so much! We all miss her! I stand firm on God's Words and His peace He has given so many of us! We will all continue to stand together and prayfully fight for JEN!!! Thank you all so much! We love you!

PS.... if you wouldnt mind... please continue to write on her wall... a scripture, a prayer, a joke, a poem, your miracle, AnYtHiNg to encourage her... please feel free to write as much as you want!!! My mom reads her the messages and it is very encouraging and uplifting to both of them! ThAnKs So MuCh!!!!

Susan 12-8-11

Please pray for Jen! She is really having a rough time! Please pray God will just encourage her heart and allow her rest, peace and comfort! My sister is such a fighter! I'm soooooo proud of her! Please plead for God to give her rest!!!! Continue to thank God for His healing! A christmas miracle is on its way! Whewhoo! Thank you dear friends! Oh, also...Check out the dominion post tomorrow or maybe even sat or sun. They will be doing an article on Jen! We love this big community! You all are sooooo amazing!!!!

Amber 12-7-11

Well, the saying is true, no news is good news, and Jen has been doing well.  Days 1-5 since the procedure have been the same for Jen, but as expected, the rougher days have started.  The physicians told her days 4-10 will probably be the hardest due to the graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).  GVHD is normal and expected and means Susan's donor stem cells are attacking.  She is currently experiencing GVHD side effects now and feels miserable, especially with frequent vomiting.  We are on day 7.  Jen is on medicines to reduce these side effects and with the great match with Susan's stem cells, hopefully these effects will be short lived. Please pray these side effects lessen for her.  Also during this time, Jen's stem cells will be starting to form and will take several months to recover.  Please pray only healthy normal cells are forming and Susan's stem cells are killing all the leukemic cells!!

I will now fill in some updates from previous posts from Susan: 

Susan 12-7-11

Dear friends, just heard from Sean and he said Jen has had a rough night with vomiting and some other yucky stuff as well as having a low grade fever. Pray for God's rest and comfort for her right now. Pray she can feel Him wrap His loving arms around her and that she may rest all her burdens in His power. Pray that God will continue to use those super duper stem cells to battle any leukemia that may still exist in her body. I pray that that this war is won quickly by God and that He completely heals Jen!

Susan 12-6-11

Jen update... she is hanging in there, having lots of nausea and other yucky stuff..which unfortunately is to be expected. Pray for rest and comfort and especially for peace throughout this time as Jen has to wait in the Lord. We remain expectant for many MiRacLeS!! We continue to thank God for His goodness and we stand firm together, trusting Him for His complete healing! God is worthy to be praised for all He is doing for my sister! Victory is near!

Susan 12-1-11 11am

Hey everyone... just wanted to check in and let you all know that things are going great! Jen is feeling well, she slept great last night...PRAISE GOD! She's had no complications at all! Whewhoo! Praise be to God! Those super duper cells are now marching around her body (cant you just hear them marching...10 million of them,) going around cleaning house...taking names, and if your name is 'leukemia't hey are taking you out! Our God makes a way when there seems no way! He is so merciful to HIs children. We are so very grateful to God and we also thank HIm for YOU! Your support is so precious to our family! I've told you all several times and dont you ever forget... you ALL are apart of this great miracle! Continue expecting great things in Jen's life and YOURS! Love to you all! 

Susan 11-30-11 6pm

God is in control! He is our provider and HE is merciful and loving.... Jen is just now getting my bone marrow and I get to be here with her! Praise God! It is such a blessing and I thank God for His goodness. You wanna know some thing very amazing... earlier today I reported some numbers that the nurses an estimate. Well, Jen needed 4 million stem cells... they thought they would able to collect 8 million from my 86 million.... guess how many they collected? 16 million!!!!! God answered our prayer!!!! SuPeR DuPeR bone marrow for sure! Jen is getting 10 million of that... not the 4 million... not the 8, but 10!!!!! God will supply all our needs! Dont ever underestimate the power of prayer! Praise be to our King! Thank you dear friends!

Susan 11-30-11 7am

Today's the day! Whewhoo!!! It's almost GO TIME! Thank you for ALL your prayers and love!!! I feel GREAT today! Praise God! Getting ready to take my last shots! Also, Please pray my veins will be strong enough to tolerate the large IV needles needed to get out this SuPeR DuPeR bone marrow from God for Jen!!!! Stay tuned...

Susan 11-29-11

We are here at OSU!!! Whewhoo!! So thankful for the wonderful sendoff from Covenant Christian School this morning! Thanks to all the staff and students for your sweet and powerful prayers! Mom and I had a great trip despite the rain! Its sooooo awesome to see Jen! She looks so beautiful! She is feeling well today! She really looks amazing! Praise the Lord! She was able to eat a hamburger for lunch! God is sooooo sweet! Quick story.. when Jen first got here last week to the bone marrow transplant unit, her room's view was up against a brick wall... very poor lighting... but no one wanted to complain or anything (like little Sam says... you get what you get and you dont throw a fit!) So then, a couple days of her nurses came to tell her they were moving her to another room... You ought to see the view she has now! Outside her window sits the "statue of hope"... How about that for God's goodness... He is so loving! Our hope is in our King! Keep praying for Jen to continue to have a great day and the nausea stays away! We are gonna have as much fun as we can! Thank you Jesus for your gifts and MiRaCLeS!!! 1 MORE DAY! GOD IS AMAZING!

Amber 11-23-11 1pm

I just talked to Jen, she is so amazing, strong, hopeful, and understandably scared.  The strong chemotherapy starts tomorrow!  Please pray!  Please pray she tolerates the chemo with little side effects and the meds rid her body of all the leukemic cells in preparation of the BMT.  Jen will be receiving Susan's donor stem cells on November 30th.  Her room on the 10th floor was covered with cards, lets cover her room again with our thoughts, prayers, scripture, and words of encouragement to lift her up.  The address is the same, but note the new room number #356:

The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
Attn: Jennifer Watson Rm 356
300 West 10th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210 

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

I am blessed is so many ways, but this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Jen's constant friendship for the past 25 years and looking forward to the years to come.  

I am thankful for Jen's amazing family and how amazing they are handling this situation with such power of love and faith.  

I am thankful for all the amazing friends that are all pulling together in some way to support Jen.  

I am thankful for all of you for caring and coming to this site to unite together on the specific concerns and prayers needed during this journey.

 Let's pray this BMT is the CURE for Jen and she can stop suffering and get back to her life as a wife, mommy, and friend.  I pray for this continually and now it is upon us,  let's all pray for this during this next week and especially on Wednesday. If you attend church on Wednesday evenings, I encourage you to pull from your church family and all pray for the BMT to be a CURE!  She will be receiving Susan's donor stem cells a week from today, (November 30th), in the evening.  You and your congregation could be praying for her during the exact moment of receiving the marrow.  Powerful stuff, huh?!!

Sean 11-23-11 noon

Today we start the next phase of our journey. Jen has been admitted for the bone marrow transplant. Lord have mercy on my beautiful wife and heal her.

Susan 11-23-11 10am

Its been great spending time with Jen and Sean. They are two of the most beautiful people ever! It was an emotional send off this morning, but this next crucial phase of Jen's journey is now beginning. She should now be getting to OSU hospital, she will no longer be on the 10th but now on the 3rd floor of The James, the bone marrow tranplant area! Whewhoo! I am so thankful for all that God has done for Jen... and I am so excited to see what God is going to do next! Everyday is such a gift and God is so abundant in His love! Wow! It's awesome! God is so faithful, He is merciful and so very loving. Countdown to the bone marrow transplant begins.... 7 more days! Please continue to pray like CrAzY... pray for God's continued favor on Jen, that her nerves calm down and that her heart is filled with hope, confidence, excitement and boldness. Just like David, when he stood up to Goliath... I pray she is used by God to knock the daylights out of this leukemia! She will have more tests and procedures today, pray that all goes perfectly and that Jen is as a calm and peaceful throughout. Pray God's angels surround this new room, I even pray that God give her a glimpse of the gigantic angels that He is using to surround her and protect her. Pray that despite the holiday, Jen will have the very best staff! Pray for peace and strength for Sean as he stands by his girl! Pray for the kids (and us all) today as we 'hang out' without mommy and daddy. Throughout this all, I thank God for all His provisions and all His goodness. I am so thankful that my grandparents and parents cared enough about us kids to teach us about Jesus and His love and His Healing! There is no greater gift than the gift of Jesus! Our God IS greater and He is amazing! Please, get to know the creator of the universe... you are missing out if you do not know Him! Continue to be expectant...MiRaCLeS are happening everyday! Much love to you all!

Amber  11-18-11

The time is nearing for the BMT and Jen is getting a break for next few days.  She and the family will be staying in a nearby hotel to gear up for what is to come.  PTL for a break from the hospital, 7 weeks straight with 4-6 weeks upcoming for the BMT!!!  Refer to the sidebar under Upcoming News for the timeline for the procedure.  Please pray for strength, courage, and patience.  PRAY THE BMT IS A CURE FOR JEN!!!

Susan 11-17-11

On my way to OSU ... finally my turn to be seen by the docs for transplant preparations! Say a prayer for me... lots of tests. I'm getting soooo excited!!! The big day is scheduled for Nov 30th!!! I'm so thankful for God's great provisions! He is so good and faithful! Special thanks to my aunt & uncle Deloris & Ronnie Vannoy, who are graciously driving me up to Ohio.

11-15-11  Update from Amber 9pm

Jen and Sean have spent time today talking to the physicians about upcoming plans.  At this point, it looks like Jen will start the process to receive the bone marrow transplant (BMT) next Wednesday 11/23.  

At The James Cancer Center, they have a separate floor and special safe rooms, with double entry doors, and their own ventilation system.  (The James is an amazing place!!) Jen will undergo an aggressive round of 2 chemotherapy drugs for 5 days to get the WBC down to basically nonexistence to get ready for Susan's donated marrow.  Susan will also be going through preparations with Neupogen injections to stimulate more stem cell into the blood stream.  The stem cells are collected through a dialysis type of system from Susan, going out one arm through the dialysis machine to collect the cells, and then back into the other arm over 4-6 hours.  The cells will either be frozen or given directly to Jen.  

 Once the stem cells are transplanted into Jen, it will still be a very long waiting process with possible side effects and ill feelings.  They will especially be watching for rejection side effects and placing her on anti-rejection drugs which also suppress the immune system.  It will take time for the stem cells to start producing on their own as well.  Please pray continually for Jen during this time for a cure.  This is it!!  Susan is a ten for a reason!!  Please pray for Susan and all the family!!

Over the past few days, it has been so nice for Jen and her family/friends to see her able to function more normally for the first time in weeks.  This latest chemotherapy drug, sorafenib (Nexvana), is totally different than what she has tried in the past.  She will continue this drug until the BMT procedure.  It is given orally and currently only indicated for kidney and liver cancers. However, this drug has been shown to give AML patients remission in some promising on-going studies.  It was part of the initial clinical trial that did not work out for Jen.  Somehow and thankfully, at The James, she was still able to receive this medicine in a different regimen separate from the study.  Let's keep praying this medicine will help her reach remission and prepare her for the BMT!

11-15-11 Update from Jen!! 10am

I'll beat my sisiter to it, she is my official publisist, but she is not answering her phone. My blast are down to 13%,my white count is up but they said that is a good thing the drug may be allowing others to mature. We are still waiting on dates,& times for transplant which is frustrating. But one day at a time! I feel well, thankful for everyday. I'm so thankful for all your prayers and love, keep them coming, I feel God has me in his precious hands. Love you all, Jen

Susan:  11-14-11

Good evening friends! We continue to receive good reports out of OSU ... Jen's numbers of leukemia blasts continue to decrease down from 90% last week to 40% today!! Praise God! They are preparing her for the bone marrow transplant ... We still do not have a definite date but it's coming up soon! The goal is to get Jen in to remission at 5% leukemia blasts. Continue to pray for God's complete healing upon my beautiful sister! 
I also want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who continue to support Jen, Sean, their four children and our entire family! I am so blown away by your love and passion to help my sister and her family! You have been so generous in so many ways... We are very, very grateful for everything you are doing! Thank you for being amazing friends!!! May God richly bless each of you and may you always have His favor!!! Goodnight!

Susan:  11-12-11

VICTORY IN JESUS!!!! God is so amazing in the good times and in the bad! Today we have had some great news! It appears the chemo pill is kicking the leukemia's butt! Whewhoo! Praise God! She had a great day yesterday, last night and today is looking awesome! No nausea, no pain, no fevers! It appears her infection is gone too! Also, the doctor shared with us that to be a bone marrow match there are 10 areas to match in. The more matching the better the success. Guess what number of a match God gave my bone marrow??? 10 out of 10!!!! That is how God operates! PERFECTLY! God is faithful and merciful and soooo loving! Good visits from lots of her amazing friends from VA, NC, WV, and KY! So many blessing! There is also a professional photographer (aka... one of her nurses) is taking a professional picture of Jen andSean and their beautiful children! The sun is shining here... How great is our God!! PLease spend time rejoicing and praising God! Continue your prayers! We still have a lot of fight left... but we will continue to talk to God, the battle is HIS! Whewhoo!

Susan:  11-7-11

 Thank you for pleading to God on Jen's behalf! Her husband Sean and their four beautiful children need her! We ALL need her! Keep telling God this and thank Him for His mercy, grace, love and faithfulness! Jennifer was able to start a trial chemo pill... Let's continue to pray that this will make all the difference and kill those leukemia cells! Also pray for this infection that Jen has to leave her body!

Amber:  11-5-11 Spaghetti Dinner at Suncrest Middle

I am still in awe from last night!  Thank you Suncrest Middle PTO, principal, teachers, staff and numerous volunteers, for orchestrating such an amazing dinner.  Plus the outpouring of the community to support Jen and the family makes me tear up right now.  It gives me chills!!!  Jen and Sean are overwhelmed and grateful for you all!!  Check out the pictures under the new photo tab.  A friend and another graduate of class of '92, Vanden King, took photos of the event.  To see more, visit:

Susan:  11-4-11 Spaghetti dinner

Our God is amazing! My heart is so full tonight! I praise God for sending our community out to unite ...for the cure ... for my sister. The generosity, love and support is just so overwhelming it makes my heart dance around! : ))) God is so big! He has great plan for my sister... and for us ALL! Oh, I am so thankful to God!

Susan:  11-4-11 Spaghetti dinner

Today is going to be amazing! Thank you now God for ALL that you are doing! Big huge spaghetti dinner today 3-8p at Suncrest Middle to benefit my amazing sis, Jen Watson! Whewhoo! Come out and get some great food and there will also be some great fellowship! Cant wait to see you all!! If you still want to come by and help... Come on out! Tshirts are in... I will have them at the dinner. I have a ...few extra! See me tonight if you want one. Lots of prayers needed for Jen... They will be discussing options and make a plan for next treatment! Pray for God's direction! Pray for encouragement to come over them today! Pray for the spaghetti dinner to be the best ever! Love you all!

Amber:  11-4-11

 We don't have all the details right now, but it appears the battle continues for my strong and courageous friend.  Please pray for strength, guidance, and a cure!!  Pray the oncologists can find a plan that will put her into remission and help cure her from this nasty leukemia.  This is road is rough, let's surround the family with love, encouragement and prayers!!  Come out to the spaghetti dinner tonight!!!  Tiffany, Susan, and I will also be there, we will have bracelets, some t-shirts and be sure to sign the book for Jen.  Just sign your name you attended or write an uplifting message.  I look foward to seeing you there tonight!!

Susan:  11-2-11

Just heard from Sean...
They are going to do the bone marrow biopsy some time this morning. 
Please pray Jen has no pain or anxiety and those cancer cells are gone! In Jesus' name! Pass the word! Pray like crazy!!!

Susan: 11-1-11

Talked to Jen just a little bit ago, she has had a great day! Praise God! His mercies are new everyday! Bone marrow test is coming up tomorrow or Thursday... keep talking to God Almighty! Ask Him for His mercy on my dear sister! She will not be healed bc of her greatness (even though she is pretty darn awesome) but bc of God's greatness! He is all powerful, loving, faithful and full of grace and mercy. God created the heaven and the earth, He surely can heal my sister! Oh, how great is Our God!!! I'm getting excited for the great things that are coming!!! Soooo many great things!!!

Susan:  10-31-11

I was blessed to get to talk to Jen tonight. She sounds so much better! Praise God! Thank you for your prayers! She asked that everyone please just keep pleading with our powerful God to put her in to remission! Only God can heal her! They will be doing a bone marrow test wed or thurs this week! I'm so excited! She also said, that so far, her blood work is looking good! Whewhoo! Keep praying and fighting like a lady... Jen style! God is at work... He always is! Do you need His touch right now? Reach out and ask him, whatever it is. He loves you and He wants to rescue you from whatever it is! He wants you to live your best life... to the fullest. I love you all! This is gonna be such a fun and exciting week full of God's goodness! I'm claiming it now!

Michael 10-31-11

My brother just wanted me to share what he felt God was putting on his heart. This healing has nothing to do with us, our works, or things we can do to be healed. Healing is coming because God is merciful. His great mercies are new everyday. Our God is awesome! We will wait upon the Lord! It's exciting! Thanks Michael for sharing your heart. Dear friends, please study over these words from God (in the scriptures.) He is merciful to us all. He can heal you too! Ask Him! Love you! Goodnight!

My brother sent me some scripture and some thoughts he would like for me to share with you.....
Daniel 2:18 He urged them to ask the God of heaven to show them his mercy by telling them the secret, so they would not be executed along with the other wise men of Babylon. 

Deuteronomy 4:31 For the Lord your God is merciful-he will not abandon or destroy you or forget the solemn covenant he made with your ancestors.

Matthew 9:29 Then he touched their eyes and said, ''Because of your faith, it will happen.'' 

Matthew 9:28 They went right into the house where he was staying, and Jesus asked them, ''Do you believe I can make you see?'' ''Yes Lord,'' they told him, ''we do.''

Matthew 9:27 After Jesus left the girl's home, two blind men followed along behind him, shouting, ''Son of David, have mercy on us!''

Romans 9:16 It does not, therefore depend on man's desire or effort, but on God's mercy.

Daniel 9:18 We do not ask because we deserve help, but because of you are so merciful.

Jeremiah 33:3 Ask me and I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here.

It is so clear to me!!! WE NEED TO BE PRAYING GOD'S GREAT MERCY ON JEN... Spread the word. 

Susan:  10-29-11

Jen's still pretty sick! As you are up this evening and through the night pray for God's healing touch and rest and peace tonight for my beautiful sis! Thank you, love to you all!

Susan:  10-29-11

Update on Jen... Continue praying, she is really nauseated today. Getting ready for a visit from her kids! Pray they all can have a special time together! We pray ALL side effects from the chemo leave her in the name of Jesus! Amen. 
Also, here's the plan.. it looks as if they will do a bone marrow aspiration procedure on Thursday. This will tell us if the leukemia is gone! If it is gone...then people, its time to throw a party and rejoice! It will then be time to bring on my bone marrow! Time for a transplant! Please pray that God will make my bone marrow so powerful it will not allow the leukemia to ever grow again in her body! Please plead to God on behalf of Jen that this happens! Only God has the power to heal my sister! Let's continue uniting in praise, prayer and petition! Praising our God in the good and in the bad, no matter what, we trust Him and praise Him! Whewoo! My excitement continues! Be expectant!

Susan:  10-27-11

Ok prayer warriors! Jen needs us! She is feeling very sick today! Please pray that these chemo side effects leave her body right now, in Jesus' name! Pray! Pray! Pray! Thank u! Thank u! Thank u! God is our healer and He is in control! It's a cool thing! Love ya's!

Susan:  10-27-11

I want to tell you about something very special and truly amazing that MHS and UHS are doing this week... Many of you prob know that this week is the big Mohawk Bowl .... where cross town rivalries meet tomorrow on the football field at UHS @ 7pm. Well, Coach Bowers and Coach Kelly have decided to unite on behalf of my sister Jen (leukemia awareness) and they have been selling orange bracelets that say 'hope for the cure' at both schools and also the boys from both football teams will be wearing orange shoelaces to honor Jen and her fight, during the game! Some of the students have also said they are all planning on wearing orange to show their support for Jen! I am so proud of these coaches, teachers, staff and students! So proud to be an MHS alumni '94!!!! Our family is filled with a mixture of mhs and uhs alumni and we very humbled and very grateful to say the least, for what they are doing for Jen! I would like to encourage EVERYONE in the community to PACK the stadium at UHS tomorrow night at 7pm. Let's support both teams for displaying such amazing character! Wow! 
Dear God, Thank you for your goodness! Please bless both these amazing schools and this community for its love , support and generosity! AMEN! 
Now... Go get your orange shirt and I'll see ya tomorrow!

Susan:  10-26-11

Thank you friends for all your love and support tonight for my amazing sister Jennifer Watson! The spaghetti dinner was just so awesome! It was such a blessing seeing so many friends! One big reunion for sure! I had so much fun talking with you all! I've even lost my voice... (my husband is thrilled!) I also want to give a special shout out to the amazing people at my church and my children's school.... Covenant Evangelical Methodist Church and Covenant Christian School! You are the hands, feet and heart of Jesus Christ! Thank you for putting a picture of my dad in the kitchen! That was special for us! I know he was cheering you all on! I'm sure he is so proud and thankful for all your hard work for his little girl! You all are some special people! May I also note... you all can cook up some amazing spaghetti! Beautiful teamwork! Thank you God for your blessing!

Jen 10-27-11

Thanking everyone for their love and support, We feel so blessed. Looking forward to the kiddos coming tonight. So thankful for my husband's constant care and attention. He is abosulety the best.

Susan:  10-25-11

Praise God for this beautiful day! Update on Jen... She walked 7 laps around her floor today. Meds are helping with nausea and rash. For a girl who doesn't think she is very brave ... she sure is kicking some leukemia butt! :)))) That's my sista! All glory goes to our God Almighty! He is faithful and He is doing great works all around us! Thanks for your 24 hrs of prayers! Keep it up! Prayer is powerful... What a testimony we have here people! You are a part of this miracle! God is our healer ... He is healing Jen! Whewhoo!

Susan:  10-24-11

Talked to Jen earlier today and she is having pain in her fingernails and she also has sores/rash areas on her body. Pray these things leave her in Jesus' name! Amen! Sean said they had some good pizza delivered to her room tonight and she had several pieces! God is soooooo cool!

Susan:  10-23-11

Here are some specific prayer requests for Jen this week :

1. Chemo is 100 percent effective.

2. Jen to have a strong and positive mindset and spirit. A steel rod in her backbone.

3. Hedge of protection (not wimpy bushes... but concrete walls of protection :)) no viruses, bacteria, diseases, mold, fungus, etc. allowed.

4. God's wisdom for doctors, nurses, specialists to make right diagnosis and give the exact right treatments in the right amounts at the right times. That they would be used as instruments in Jen's healing.

5. That the devil and the powers of darkness have no place in this, he has to flee in Jesus name.

6. Psalm 91, The Rescue Plan (write this out and recite it over and over daily for Jen and yourself!)

7. God's favor and complete healing for Jen in body, mind, and spirit. For God to move this mountain and throw this cancer into the sea. For Jen to have a long and prosperous life, cancer free. 

What are your mountains? Let's live the full life God has for us... We don't need to live in misery! Jesus loves you! 
Thank you dear friends!

Susan: 10-22-11

It is so wonderful seeing beautiful Jen! She had a small fever... then we had a birthday party here at The James for little Sadie, her fever broke and she just took a walk "victory lap" around the floor! Jen is a fighter for sure! My hero! Wow!

Such a wonderful priviledge to be having a sleepover with my sis at OSU. She is finishing up her 10pm chemo and last chemo is at 10 am tomorrow. She is such a warrior but she is so very tired. I wish I could take this disease away. Even better though... my God is all powerful! He will take this from her. Each chance I get I touch the things in her room and ask for God to surround every inch, every item, all the meds, especially the bag of chemo.. everything and everyone in this room or that comes in and out of this room be touched and have God's favor. I want God to know He is our King and that we need Him here. He is the only one who can heal her. She is sleeping. She is so sweet. Please continue to pray that the side effects and fevers and anything else negative does not touch her. I do not want her to hurt or suffer. It is so not fair! I trust God and I know He is doing great things through this trial. Pray this chemo Jesus' name! Thank you prayer warriors! Love to you all!

Susan:  10-21-11

Dear friends, I hope you all know how much you mean to our family! I get call after call, texts and emails about ways you all want to help Jen. Our family is so overwhelmed by your love and generosity. Please know, God is using you to carry us! We are so grateful. We love you and pray many rich blessings on you all!!!!

I just heard from mom... Jen's been asleep a lot today... She'll be getting more chemo tonight. I know God is letting her rest while He is fighting those leukemia cells for her! God is so cool! Mom said the drs are impressed at how well she's doing! That's the power of prayer! Keep talking to God! Goodnight friends!

Susan:  10-20-11

Please be praying for safe travels for my mom and the Watson kids... They are headed now to OSU to see mommy& daddy! They are planning a birthday party for little Sadie at the hospital! The nurses are gonna help whip up a cake! So sweet! It's gonna be a great weekend!

Amber: 10-25-11

I apologize for the delay in my updates!  Although I do have a good excuse..........Kathy, Tiffany and I made a special trip to OSU to visit our sweet, brave, courageous, strong, beautiful friend of 25 years.  OSU and The James Cancer Center is amazing!  We love  you Jen!!  

Susan:  10-19-11 9pm

Good evening friends! Jen has had a good day, she is feeling better and has been getting some good rest today! Praise the Lord! Thank you God for your promises! We thank you dear Lord for the healing you are doing in so many lives right now! I also want to continue to thank each and everyone of you for supporting Jen... Thank you for allowing God to use you! Great things are coming! I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it...) Ok, I'll stop... : )) Goodnight and love to you all!

Sean:  10-18-11 10pm

I Don't always understand why things happen the way they do but I do know they happen for a reason. The insurance company continues to play games on approving the clinical trial. Jen's health is not getting any better, so we have chosen a different plan. She will start chemo tonight and we will get her some relief. We have totally put this in God's hands and have complete trust in him. He is control and he will guide the doctors. He and He alone will heal Jen.

Jen:  10-18-11 4pm

Dear friends, I wanted to let you know I'm hanging in there, I can't respond to each and every card, message, text, but I want you to know they mean so much to me. We are just waiting on the Lord .

Susan:  10-18-11 3pm

Jen update... More waiting. No new info from insurance co or docs. They still have not started chemo. Talked to Sean a little earlier and Jen is really sick today. More fevers and all the other 'yucky' stuff she is experiencing ... Please pray for God to move on Jen's behalf... today. Also pray for protection for her entire body and organs against this horrible poisonous leukemia. Continue to pray for favor for Jen ... that every step of this journey... she has God's favor. Pray that God will give Jen and Sean rest and sweet memories during this time as they wait. Pray that God will continue to surround Jen with His biggest body-guard angels that he has! I pray that what the 'enemy' has intended to use to destroy Jen, that God will use to save her and unite His people for His glory! I remain encouraged and excited for the many miracles that have already come and the many more coming! On behalf of Jen & Sean and our entire family... We can't say it enough... THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING EACH ONE OF YOU ARE DOING TO HELP SAVE JEN! Love, love, LOVE you all!!!

Amber:  10-17-11 4pm

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  If the insurance will not assist to pay, it looks like they will not allow Jen to participate in the trial.  The amount is obscenely high.  Sean and Jen will know more information tomorrow, but in the meantime, lets get donating.  They are trying, along with Jen's oncologist to make this trial happen.  I know many of you have contributed to the fund already and with your efforts we have collected over $6000.00. Yippee! Unfortunately, this amount looks like pennies next to the actual medical bill.  As Sean stated:  "All of our material things mean nothing if Jen is not with us".  They are ready to do what it takes to make this trial happen, and I hope you are too!  

Here is what we can do:

1. Spread the word about this site to make a paypal donation into Bless The Watson's Fund.         Advertise, advertise, advertise

2.  If you have any community connections with local businesses, please contact them and guide them      to this site for donations.  

3. Attend the spaghetti dinner in Morgantown on November 4th.  I will be giving out free orange bracelets     for each additional donation made to the fund at the dinner, find me!

4. Participate in your own fundraising!  

-Place cans and/or jars with Bless the Watson Fund information at your business 

-Hold a direct selling party and donate the proceeds to the fund. 

-Visit the ABC fundraising site  I am going to start fundraising here in Asheville with the scratch cards in addition to spreading the word about the direct donating at this site.  It is a really cool concept, pay $20.00 per card and each card will        profit $80.00.  Participants ask neighbors, family members or co-workers, to donate to our cause          and they will receive a page of coupons.  Or asking for flat donation, higher than the $3.00 max              available on the sheet, would be very helpful!  


Susan: 10-17-11 noon

If you would like to send Jen a card at OSU, please feel free to do so! Pray and ask God what you should share... a poem? scripture? a personal testimony? a recent miracle? I know last week, one of Jen's former students sent her a beautiful poem... she opened it at just the right time...that's God! He is so cool! If we make ourselves do His work, He will use us to do HIs miracles! Watch and see! It's sooo cool!

Jen's address at Ohio state University:

The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
Attn: Jennifer Watson Rm 1039
300 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

I know Jen is so encouraged by your kind and loving words and scriptures! Thanks for being Jesus' hands and feet! Love you all!

Susan: 10-17-11 8am 

Quick update on Jen... She had a couple of fevers through the night. She was able to get some rest. She called me this morning and was sounding pretty darn good, just ate a little breakfast! Pray they will have a good talk with docs about a plan to start chemo. Pray God will strengthen her mentally and physically and pray today they start chemo! Fight like a girl, Jen! Let God use you like He did David... Go defeat your Goliath... aka... Leukemia! Thanks for continued prayers everyone! As soon as I get the good news, I will let ya know! Have a great day!

Update from Susan 10-16-11

Good evening my fb friends and prayer warriors! Jen has had several fevers today. Still just awaiting 'The rescue plan.' Hopefully the docs will have some answers and plans laid out tomorrow. I know Jen is ready and waiting for total healing! She is very sick and very tired. She needs God's healing touch now. The insurance co so far is not being agreeable.

Update from Amber 10-15-11

Just got off the phone with Jen, it was so nice to hear voice after a rough, rough week!!  Whew!  She finally had a fever free night and was able to get some rest!!  PTL!  Jen is still a bit short of breath due to edema, but she sounds great and still ready to fight.  I LOVE THIS GIRL, SHE IS AMAZING!!  After enduring several days of testing, her body looks clear of infections.  She is going to take it easy this weekend and plan to start the chemo trial drugs on Monday.  I hope she gets pampered this weekend at OSU! I am still amazed by her strength, courage, and faith!!!!  Continue to lift up Jen and her family.  Please pray for a relaxing, peaceful weekend.  

You will notice Susan mention the insurance company and waiting approval.  There is a possibility the insurance company will pick up 60% of this enormous bill.  Regardless, they will still be responsible 40% or even 100% if the approval does not go through.  This is one way we can help!!  Please spread the word about this site and the paypal donation option, or attend the spaghetti dinner, or hold your own fundraisers.  I know we can pull together!!  Let's give them one less thing to worry about so they can concentrate on giving their all to this recovery!  Thank you!

Update from Susan 10-14-11

Dear Friends, sorry it has been a while since the last update on my sweet sis Jen. I traveled back to Morgantown today and had no way to really get online... Plus today was just a day of more waiting...
Anyways, I first want to say that despite this awful disease that is upon my sister, God is faithful and His goodness is overwhelming! I must plead to you that if you do not know Jesus you have to find out more about him and seek a relationship with Him. I am convinced that without Him, I would not be able to bear what is taking place with my sister. But bc of Him, I have such amazing hope that it is unexplainable!!!
Jen had a rough night with high fevers and it was also very emotional as we talked a lot about the reality of what this leukemia is doing and the possibilities of what it can do. But as mom& I boo hoo'd.... Jen, being as sick as she is... Took control of the boohooing and put a stop to it. I am so amazed by her strength... I am not sure she is even aware of her own strength... Here, we went to support her and she was the one who had to help us... that's Jennifer for you! Anyways, they have completed every test possible and all test results are back except one. So far, she has passed every test... Praise God! I just got off the phone with mom, she said Jen feels good, she is breathing much, much better, no fever, she doesnt have the flu... so no more wearing masks, she ate dinner, took a walk and is all refreshed! That my friends is the amazing power of Jesus Christ! We realize that without our mighty God, we are nothing! With Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Now, we continue to trust God's plan for what is to come. We will wait in the Lord for His next move... Today we were supposed to hopefully hear from ins co. But we will continue to wait, also, they have not started the chemo, but this is not due to the insurance co but just awaiting the last test results... I do not feel like this is a mistake, it is apart of God's plan for whatever reason. We are expecting our God to do amazing things bc He is the only one who can! Also to each of you...thank you will never be enough, but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all the good each of you are doing on behalf of my sister Jennifer! I'm not sure if you'll ever know how much each of you mean to us...but we pray God's blessings over you for all you are doing for us... and pleeeeeease, don't go to bed not knowing this amazing friend.... Jesus! He will turn the darkness into light when there appears to be no way possible! No matter WHAT you are going through... give Him your heart and He will give you a life... to the fullest... for eternity! Love you&goodnight from Almost Heaven, WV!

Update from Susan 10-13-11

Good Morning Dear Friends, it is a beautiful day here in Columbus, Ohio. I thank God for allowing the sun to shine in on Jen. Jen has maintained a fever throughout the night, but they didnt get "out of control." We had a lot of fun last night laughing... I think wearing these masks are causing the oxygen to be depleted from our brains... we were a little too silly, I thought they might kick us out. We rearranged the furniture and all, it was a blast! Today is a very important day... a continuation of more testing. The doc came in last night and she just reiterated that once these tests/labs show no infection, they will get started with the chemo. They are also still appealing the insurance company. Pray for no infections and for favor from the insurance company! But no worries either way, God is in control... we can sell our houses... no biggie : )))) My heart is excited today.... it's gonna be a great day! I hope each of you know how special you are to me, Jen&Sean and our entire family! Stay tuned... great news to follow!

Fevers Again!! 10-12-11 10pm

Looks like Jen may be in for more fevers again tonight.  Please pray they do not get as high (104.7), that she is not as uncomfortable, and that she can rest tonight!!

Update from Susan:

Jen's temp is creeping back up... 103.8 right now. She is starting to feel sick again... we will STAND FIRM... God is with us here... and He is with you... cry out for Him! He loves us all so much! 

Susan, Jeannie, and the kids are at OSU 10-12-11

Update from Susan:

 Praise the Lord for He is good! His love endures forever! Jen temp is now down to 99. She has been up walking around and she was even able to eat! That's my girl! Whewhoo! The docs are doing more tests to rule out any possible infections in her body. They are very thorough and checking everwhere! Most likely chemo will not start until Monday. Before she starts the chemo she must be cleared from any possible infections...and the test results can take several days. Just keep praying for God's wisdom and guidance. He is here and He is in control! Such a wonderful feeling when you let God take care of everything! I mean.. He is good, you should meet the staff... She has had this amazing nurse this evening... everyone is so great here! I thank God for His favor for my sister! Thank you for all your prayers! God is here.. He is all around...just reach out and He's there waiting! Never doubt! My hope comes from the Lord! Also, let me share on more thing...As we were walking down the hall.. there was a wall with testimonials...those who were at death's door and 20 years later are leukemia free... Jen's story is going to be up there one day very soon! Keep up the prayers! Pray for Sean to get rest tonight and pray for the kids... they are all starting to get little coughs.. We all need to stay so healthy so we can be by Jen's side! Praise God for His goodness! Thanks everyone! We love you all!

Susan: 10-12-11 midnight

Sean just texted me that Jen's fever is 104.7 and she is vomiting on and off. Oh my, dear Lord, please give your princess rest! I am about to drive up their now and be with her. Please seek out God's Word and let's share scripture on Jen's wall! God's Word is Power! Thank you friends! Prayer without ceasing!!!

Susan:  10-11-11 10pm

Just received word from Sean that Jen is beginning to get a fever, please pray that it stops in Jesus' name! She had a really rough day pray for rest, peace, and healing. Thank you dear friends

Susan: 10-10-11 10pm

Here is Jen's address at OSU:

The James Cancer Hospital and 
Solove Research Institute
Attn: Jennifer Watson Rm#1039
300 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Let's flood their mail system and give OSU a warm welcome from all Jen's friends& family ... mail style! I know this really is uplifting to Jen! Please don't forget to send your favorite scripture. God's Word is power! I pray every square inch of her room be filled with God's Word&Power! Thank you all! Feel free to repost this... Love you bunches!

Susan: 10-10-11 10pm

Just talked to Jen, she has had a great first day@OSU. She is still dealing with fevers and they are going to change her antibiotic. Pray she gets the exact medicine to destroy this pneumonia. 3 more days til we get to visit her : ))) Thanks for your prayers and support! Our family is truly overwhelmed by your love and generosity! We ask our Heavenly Father to bless you all for blessing us! That's the beautiful cycle of blessings... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Susan: 10-10-11 2pm

Just talked to Jen... she sounds great! She is loving it at OSU! The room, nurses, care, food ... everything is wonderful! Praise God for His provisions! It just warms my heart to hear such excitement in her voice! God is so good! Jen said she does have pneumonia and we need to stand together and plead for her healing. They are treating it now with an antibiotic ... she can continue with the clinical trial but they need to get the pneumonia under control first. Please pray this infection leaves her body now, in Jesus' name, Amen! Be expecting an update and praise report that the pneumonia is gone... I trust God and He is doing amazing things in Columbus, OH and everywhere... just look around!

Sean:  10-9-11 9pm

We made it to Ohio State, Jen took an ambulance ride and I drove with lots of classic rock tunes and Mt. Dew, everything will be ok there was a beautiful pink orange purple sunset over Columbus confirming that God has control over this.

Susan: 10-10-11 12pm

The color of Hope for a Cure for Leukemia is orange. God continues to remind me that 'He's got this' and healing is coming Jen's way... complete healing! All I feel like I see is orange all around ... the beautiful orange leaves everywhere as I drove today, the pumpkins I see decorating homes and even the Reese cups I am trying to avoid eating (thanks Amber!) I encourage you to look around at all the orange... or go get something orange... and use it to remind you to pray for Jen... for her complete healing!

Susan: 10-9-11 8pm

Just talked to Sean, they made it to Ohio State University! Whewhoo! Praise God! Jen slept the whole way there... Thank God for His Angels as they covered her with their feathers (psalm 91). They are now getting settled in her new room where God is going to continue His great &AMAZING works! Be expectant! God is so awesome! Thank you all for your prayers... go get some rest! This has been a long week but victorious bc of our King! Tomorrow's a new day... Can't wait to see what the Lord will have for us all! If you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, don't go to bed until you do! Call me, 304 376 6233 I am here to pray with you! Give your burdens to God! He can handle ANYTHING! Doesnt matter what you've done...just come as you.... He is waiting! May God receive all the glory, praise& honor! Love you all...

Susan: 10-9-11 5pm

Please join me in praising God in this storm! God is so cool! I am getting to be a witness of His might! God can do anything! He is making a way.... He is rescueing my sister Jen! Right NOW she is headed to Ohio State University ...ambulance style! See God is watching out for her so much... He wanted medical staff surrounding her all the way! He wants her and us all to know He really means itwhen He says He will not ever leave us or forget us... He is with us all...ALWAYS! It's true! All we have to do is ASK! Thank you so much for your perseverance in prayer and standing with us! Please, Please... stay tuned! It's only gonna get better! God wants this world to "get it" and understand the He is here to save us all! JUST ASK! Whewhoo! I thank God for allowing me to witness His greatness! I want to share it with you all so you know it's available to matter what... His greatness is for us all! I am in awe... I really am... Thank you God! They even have a room ready and waiting at OSU for Jen ...rm #1039. Don't worry... when I get the address I will pass it along and we can flood her room with God's Word and good cheer and encouragment! Like I said...and I will continue to say no matter what... BE EXPECTING! The CURE is just around the corner! Our God is mighty to save! Continue to pray for Jen's ride up... Pray she will sleep and be safe... she is pretty anxious. Pray for Sean, he is driving right behind them. He was up all night in a chair at the ER. He is very tired! I thank God He has His Angels surrounding them right now! God is AWESOME!!!! Thank you dear friends and family for all your love... it is part of this healing as well!

Sean:  10-9-11 8am

Had to take Jen to ER last night fever of 103.7, and heart rate of 145. The are going to admitt her, we are waiting for a room still. Been in the ER since 3 am.

Sean: 10-6-11

The James Cancer center at Ohio State University has given us new hope. It looks like we will be going to Columbus for the next round of treatment. All my Columbus friends contact me so we get together durring our stay.

 Susan:  10-9-11 9am

Please pray for Jen! She was admitted to Ruby through the night for 103 fever. They are supposed to be leaving for Ohio today! I know God's working out the details... Just continue to talk to Him! This is no mistake.. His ways and plans are perfect! Thank you all so much, we love you bunches!!!

Susan:  10-4-11

I trust God. I praise Him bc He is so good! He loves my sister more than I do. As I sat at the drs office and heard the doc discuss the few options left and the grim details and stats... I noticed he called this plan of action "the rescue" which I loved! We ALL need a rescue plan as we are ALL dying of something and we don't know when but it will happen! What is your rescue plan? Jesus is the only way! I pray if you don't know Him, you will ask Him to come to your rescue! Come out tomorrow Wed Oct 5 at 7pm at Covenant EMC on the greenbag rd. Come as you are... Not only are we praying for Jen, but bring your burdens and let's unite together and allow God to heal all of us. More than anything, He wants a relationship with you...a personal and close relationship. He loves you and wants to set you free and rescue you! If you are not able to come, I encourage you to get on your knees no matter where you are and stand with us in agreement that God is great and that He may change these grim circumstances around us all and that this land and His people will be healed. I was thinking today when the dr said the leukemia has Jen backed into a corner... I immediately thought of the Red Sea and what the Isrealites must have felt when they were backed up against that huge body of water and Pharoah pursued them to kill and destroy them. Well, bc of obedience and faith and God's great love & mercy, He opened the Sea and made a way for these people and saved their lives! He had a rescue plan that no one could have ever planned on. He made a way when there was no other. I ask God that He make a way when there doesn't seem to be one.... So far, tonight Jen and Sean are crossing their own Red Sea... to Ohio State University. I am asking God that not only is Jen saved from this clinical trial... But that He help the docs and researchers to find THE CURE for Leukemia from this very clinical trial! In Jesus' name, i pray for this cure right now at OSU and through Jen's trial!!! Whewhoo! Be expectant! I thank God for all of you for standing with us. God does amazing work all the time, but especially when the enemy has our backs in the corner! Love you all! See you tomorrow and pass the world! Souls are gonna be saved and lives changed.... come as you are!

Prayers needed!!  10-4-11

After learning that her leukemia was back on her birthday, Jen and Sean are now headed out of town to Ohio State University tonight.  They met with the oncology specialist at Ruby today and he has suggested they seek an experimental trial drug to get Jen into remission, at OSU.  It is unknown if her specific type of leukemia will fit the protocol to get into the trial, and they will not know until tomorrow at the appointment.  A bone marrow transplant is still planned, however, for the BMT to have the best possible performance, the leukemia should be in remission.  Please pray for Jen to be accepted into the trial program and that her leukemia goes into remission!!! 

Susan 10-3-11

Jen update: It looks as though the leukemia cells have not yet learned their lesson ... and are back! Please continue to stand strong with us and plead to our Creator and King of Kings to completely heal Jen! She needs to be in remission before the bone marrow transplant. She will be talking to docs today regarding her options. Pray for guidance and wisdom for the docs. One thing Satan's trying to whisper in my ear.. Is that we are going to be made to look like fools bc God is not going to come through....and not heal Jen! Thank God for giving me great parents who made me go to church and learn and study God's Word and other amazing people who have helped guide me in to having an awesome relationship with Jesus, bc as much as these bad reports come...and the more Satan encourages me to doubt... God puts an excitement in my heart ... as to what is to come! I thank God for His promises! I will never doubt what God is doing! Satan is the fool! All we want is God to get All the glory for the great things He has done and all that is to come!


Update on Jen. It looks like the trip to OSU was worthwhile. So far it looks like Jen will be able to participate in the clinical trial. The trial is taking 34 patients and she is number 18, there are a few more tests to run to be sure. The patients included in the trial are primary refractory leukemics or another words leukemia that is resistant to chemotherapy, like Jen. The family is asking for prayers. Please pray she will be in this clinical trial for sure, that her body can withstand the medicines and that she will get into remission.

Jen will be undergoing another bone marrow extraction today, please pray for strength and courage! 

There will be a prayer vigil tonight in Morgantown at Covenent at 7pm. As Susan stated, please pray together at this time even if you are not in town. 

These clinical trials are likely not going to be covered by insurance and the trial treatment is likely going to last 4-6 weeks. During this tough time, please consider donating to help the family meet these expensive medical bills.

Jen and Sean are headed back to Morgantown today and if Jen is officially accepted into the trial, it will start on Monday. 

Susan is a match!!  PTL!!  9-26-11

A message from Jen:

I am so thankful I have a God who hears my prayers, It looks like Susan is going to be a match for the bone marrow transplant! Please begin to pray for her and her health. God is so Good! 

Jen Update 9-23-11

Okay, the CAT scan found that a fungal pneumonia is causing Jen's high fevers.  She was put on a very strong anti-fungal which seems to be working already.  PTL!  Jen will be in the hospital over the weekend.  She is in good spirits all while missing her kids, but she is a trooper and and fighter!  Jen also stays connected through Facebook.  Send her a message, I'm sure she would love to know you are thinking and praying for her.  

Susan 9-16-11

Thank you all so much for all your prayers for Jen! She is doing much better today. Praise God! I can tell ya from the moment the prayer request was sent out yesterday...she began feeling better&improving! There IS power in prayer! You are directly talking to our great&mighty God! No appointment neccesary...He IS always available! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Still in the hospital 9-20-11

It is now Tuesday night, almost a week since Jen was re-admitted for an infection, then experienced an awful day last Thursday due to infection and chemo side effects.  She still has a fever that can jump up to 104 degrees.  They are running more tests to determine where the fever is coming from and under went an CAT scam.  Her WBC count is still low which is expected from the chemo, but makes it harder to fight off infections.  She is in good hands and has lots of medicines also keeping the infection at bay. Other than the fever, she is doing well.  Jen is a FIGHTER and with His hand, she will come out a winner.  In the meantime, she has some rough roads ahead and will need lots of strength and courage from within.  Please continue to pray that her infection will go away, that this round of chemo will put her in remission and that Susan and/or Michael are a bone marrow transplant match!

Jen is feeling better today 9-16-11

Jen is stable and feeling better today.  She thanks everyone for your love, support, and prayers!!  Praise the Lord!

Jen is sick 9-15-11 2:50pm

Please pray for Jen!!!  What we know right now, she feels bad, low bp, low wbc, dehydrated, low numbers all around.  She is requiring 3 blood transfusions.  Please pray for strength and courage for Jen and her family!  Jen, you can do this.......fight, fight, fight!!

Update from Susan 9-14-2011

Jen update: She was admitted back to the hospital today w/fever&possible infection.PLease pray against infection&that she&her family will have good health, peace&strength to keep up this fight!Also, pray for a bone marrow match... we should know in about a week...Thank you everyone!We love you&we continue to fully trust our great&mighty God for Jen's complete healing!

Jen update 9-12-11

Jen is now home and even got to attend Drew's game yesterday.  Her WBC numbers are still coming down which is great news.  She has done amazingly well with the chemotherapy and experienced no side effects.  Praise the Lord.  The next step..........patience.  A bone marrow extraction will be taken in the next few weeks to check for remission.  Pray for remission!!  Mike and Susan have been tested and waiting for results, pray for a match.  God Bless  you all!  Pray for Jen!!

Update from Sean 9-8-11

Jennifer is doing well, she is strong and courageous. She is my inspiration, I am so thankful to have her. God knew what he was doing when he brought us together. We have have been peas and carrots ever since. Borrowed that quote from Forrest Gump.

Update from Jen 9-7-11

Ok friends, thank you for your prayers. Today I got my new Chemo cocktail and it has gone well. I have had a lot of joint pain ( a symtom of lukemia) since my chemo I have had no pain. It's doing the job! My battle may be longer but my God's grace is sufficient!

Update on Jen 9-7-11 post by Amber

From Jen, "Both chemotherapy drugs were started today, still feeling fine.  Praying they kick some leukemic butt!"  AMEN!!!!  My sweet friend is so amazing, during all of this, she is concerned and wanted updates in my kidney stone removal surgery yesterday.  A true testament to her character and why we all love her so.  


Update from Susan 9-6-11

Thanks friends for all your continued love, prayers and support for Jen and our entire family! Just talked to Jen&her spirits are good as she awaits this next round of chemo. They are preparing her&doing all the pre-chemo stuff. God is watching out for her, she has great nurses, docs and they gave her a nice big room for when the kids visit! Our God is the best!

Update on Jen from Amber 9-6-11

Well, it has been an emotional roller coaster for Jen and everyone.  Especially for Jen and her family.  After feeling relief from the puzzling blood work last weekend, this past week confirmed her leukemia is back.   The physicians also determined the specific subtype of AML.  Jen's type of leukemia is very aggressive and will take aggressive approaches to get this ugly leukemia erradicated.  Starting today, Jen will be hospitalized for another round of chemotherapy for the next 5 days.  Since the leukemia found resistance to the first combination of chemo drugs, she will be given 2 different drugs for this round.  Pray that this round will have little side effects!  Most importantly, please please pray that this round of chemo puts her into remission quickly.  She will then need a bone marrow transplant.  Susan and Michael are getting tested this week, please please pray they are a match.  If they are not a match, a search in the National Bone Marrow Bank will be necessary.  Even though I know we would all line up to be a match, an unrelated match will take a world wide search, as we would have a 1 in a million chance to match her.  In the meantime however, you can become a marrow donor.  To be honest, it is not nearly as invasive as I was imagining.  I registered my husband and I on Friday.  Simply go to and follow the prompts.  You will be sent a kit to swab the inside of your cheeks of your mouth and send it back in to be processed.  I believe it said you will have a 1 in 200 chance to be a match to any suffering patient.  Even if this will not directly help Jen, I feel better just trying to do something.  If by chance you are a match to someone in the world, it is a like a blood draw or transfusion to collect your sample of immune system.  It has nothing to do with extracting bone marrow, which is a painful procedure.  (Unlike our sweet Jen!)  

 I will be posting Susan's very moving post next.  What an amazing family.  Please lift them up!  They will need all the support, prayers, and love from everyone.  Spread the word!  The power of prayer can do amazing things!

Jen's battle continues by Susan 9-3-11

Dear Friends, I would like to update you on what's been going on with my beautiful sister Jennifer. Many of you know she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) back in March. So many of you helped her by fighting this with your love (shown in sooooo many, many ways-cards, food, money, dinners, groceries, fundraisers, babysitting, food, gifts for the chidren, more food, hugs, etc., etc...) and also with much, much prayer. Immediately after Jen's first round of aggressive chemo and the battle for her life...the luekemia went into remission and her life was spared! PRAISE GOD! Over the summer she received several rounds of chemo to continue to make sure she stayed in remission. She tolerated them all very well.  Just as she finished her last preventivie round of chemo...the past 2 weeks, the docs began to see signs of the leukemia coming back. We have all been on a roller coaster of emotions recently as the news went from bad to good to bad again. Jen's leukemia is back. Docs feel it is a very aggressive and sneaky type. She will be going back in to the hospital Tuesday for a new round of aggressive chemo. The goal is obviously to knock the bad cells out and get her new healthy ones and back in to remission. This time they will also be attempting to perform a bone marrow transplant. They will start testing Michael and I next week. There will be a lot of prayer requests and Sean and I..and Jen as she can, and other friends and family will keep you all updated.

As I write on behalf of our entire family, we want to say this .... please hear us on this because this is the most important aspect about this entire situation...not one time have we even attempted to doubt God with what is going on, and we pray that you will not doubt Him either. Ofcourse we are not saying this is easy or that we are not sad. We certainly did not expect this and we definetly do not want Jen (and Sean and kids) to have to go through this again! However, without a doubt, we know God is in control. He has given so many of us...friends and family, a peace about this and about Jen's complete healing. We do not doubt the work of God. He is mighty and powerful. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. No, we don't know why something like this would happen to one of the very sweetest, nicest, dearest people on this earth... it doesn't make any sense? We don't know why bad things happen to good people? We do know, without a doubt, from everything we have been taught...and with God's Word as our life guide, that God loves us soooo much and that He is in control of everything. He will protect us. He will never leave us. He will not let us be destroyed, but yet He will destroy our enemies. We have learned over and over, that God uses everything (good or bad) for our good. We trust God and know He is at work. There have already been so many miracles seen throughout this, so many good and amazing stories and blessings from so many of you. So many good lessons have been learned. Many lives and hearts have been changed. Everything about this situation has been and will continue to be used to glorify God's name. We will stand as a family and NEVER doubt God! It will not always make sense, especially now, but one day we will fully understand. We know one amazing blessing (among so many)that our family has witnessed is how God has taken a vast community and brought everyone together to stand with Jen and our family throughout this crisis. That is how God works... for goodness and to bless His people, people who do not deserve such good things. He is such a loving God! Our family is so thankful to God for His amazing work... We are also very grateful to each of you for being so giving of your time, money, gifts and talents to be used to bless Jen and Sean, Maddie, Drew, Sam&Sadie...and all of us. Please continue to watch for updates... be expecting many, many more amazing blessings to come from this terrible crisis. Again, this is how God works! He doesn't give us the bad things ... NO bad thing comes from our God...the bad things come from the enemy. God is the one who takes these bad things and uses His power, battling them and the enemy for us and then turns them around in the enemies face to use to strengthen and bless His people. Isn't God so cool! We would love to have you to continue standing with Jen and our family as this battle continues. Always remember, no matter what kind of battle, or crisis...God is always ready to fight for you! I hope and pray that each of you know Him. He is so amazing! I pray that if you do not know Jesus you will begin to seek Him! I also pray if you are looking for a community where you can grow in God and know more about him... you will begin to seek a church family. No one wants to be good times or bad... seek out God...although you will not have to look far...b/c He is already right beside you...waiting for you to reach out your arms to Him! We love you all and so appreciate each of you!



Prayer Requests: Pray that Jen's leukemic cells(white blood cells) do not spread or grow at all this weekend OR ever again (1st time she was diagnosed w/ leukemia she had 180,000 white blood cells, right now she has about 30,000) so pray they no longer grow in Jesus' name! Pray also that Jen has increased strength and energy to enjoy this weekend, pray for peace, strength and confidence for Jen, Sean and the kids, pray for guidance for the docs and nurses, Pray also specifically that Michael and I both will be a bone marrow match for Jen (I sense God wanting to show His might... there is a 1 in 4 chance of a siblings match...Pray both of us are a match, in Jesus' name!) Pray that anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus, come to know Him! That is what this life on earth is all about anyways... having a relationship with Jesus!  Then, when we all get to heaven...the real party will begin..and last forever!  Thank you dear friends once again for standing with us. I pray God's rich blessings be upon you! Now, off to battle....


Update on Jen by Sean 9-4-11

Spent the last couple of days feeling sorry and asking why, then I was reminded by a quote that says leadership is poise under pressure. Jen's leukemia is back and this fight is going to be tougher, longer and harder. Daniel's chances were not good in the lions den but he made it. (quote from Jen). On Tuesday I will lead my family with the help of Christ, to fight this disease and get Jenn back to health.

8-28-11  Keep Praying!!!

Update from Sean:  Even when the odds are stacked up against you 99.9%, trust in God with that .01. Good news God wins, Jennifer's condition has improved and the doctors are scratching their heads, they don't believe her leukemia has come back at this time. Bone marrow test pushed back for several weeks. Trust in God.

Update from Susan:  Dear Friends,thanks for your prayers& encouragement! Jen was sent home from the hospital today. Dr's are scratching their heads as to what is going on??? They are no longer thinking the leukemia is back.They will hold off on the bone marrow test for 10 days or so!Whewhoo!Thank You God for being so faithful& so awesome!! Our family is very grateful to you for standing with us! 


The saying is correct, no news is good news.  Jen and her family needs your prayers NOW!  After enduring her 6 rounds of chemotherapy, which hospitalized her a week each round, and then enduring being stuck in the house a week after treatment for her neutropenic state, Jen was supposed to be done with treatments this month.  She responded well all summer and was in great spirits, as only Jen could, during this tough time with no complications.  

On Wednesday, Jen was admitted for a fever from a strep infection and started receiving antibiotics.  In her blood work this morning, the physician discovered signs of her leukemia possibly returning.  There is a slight chance the blast cells that were found could be from the neupogen injections and they will not know for sure until early next week.  This is the first sign of leukemia since the chemo was started back in March.  It is quite an emotional blow!   

A message from Sean: Please pray for Jen, there is a good chance her leukemia has come back. We are standing on faith that the small glimmer of hope the doctor has given us that it has not. We won't know till next week. We are asking God to heal her.


First of all, sorry for the gap in the updates, I was out of town a bit and busy chairing a school fundraiser that is now over.  Jen has been doing so well at home, she is amazing, and there was not much to update.  Although, thanks for your patience, continued care, support, love, and prayers for Jen.  She still needs all your support.  She finished her second round of chemo and came home on Saturday.  Jen is such a trooper!  After starting rough with a picc line infection and a reaction to the strong antibiotic, she did pretty well this week.  The side effects were lessed as the chemo dosing was not as aggressive this round, although she still needed some transfusions.  While she is still neutropenic and at home, she will go back for regular blood draws and the first one today came back great.  She did not need to receive any transfusions.  Please keep praying for no infections and no cancer cells to form!


Susan:  Dear Friends, I just want you all to know how much I appreciate all of your prayers for Jen.She is doing great!She will be returning to the hospital Friday for preventative chemo.PLease pray for guidance&wisdom.Pray that she only get what she needs and that NO cancer cell ever form in her body again! IN JESUS' NAME! I am so grateful for you all! May God bless each of you abundantly ALWAYS!!

4-27-11  Message from Sean

Great news today Jennifer's leukemia is in full remission. Thank you for all your prayers, we still have four rounds of preventive chemo to go, but that is easier to face with good news, keep us in your prayers over the next five months, as I am sure we will need it. God will get us through.

4-27-11 Message from Jen

Hey FB friends and family it is me Jen, I just got a call from the doctor, and according to the bone marrow test, I'm in REMISSION! Wow! I still have to have 4 rounds of prevenitive chemo but that is so much easier to face now! Praise the Lord! Thanks for the prayers. I go back in Monday for round 2. We'll keep you posted.


Amber: Jen called today with AWESOME news!!  Her bone marrow results show she is currently in remission!  Praise God!!  Yipee!!  To ensure this state of remission, she will undergo 4 more rounds of chemotherapy once a month.  Then another bone marrow biopsy will be done.  Please pray for complete remission!  Pray these next rounds of chemo are not as difficult, no infections, lessened side effects, but effective in eliminating any production of cancerous cells.  Pray for encouragement.  Today is a GREAT day and Jen is so happy to hear these results!!  She needs a GREAT day!!  Thanks for all your continued prayers and support! Don't stop your prayer chains, let's keep Jen and her family held up high.  There are still months of fighting to keep her in remission!!  Jen is amazing and brave, I just love that girl!!!  

Susan's FB message just came in..........I guess I have to admit I just love the whole family as do many of you do too!  What amazing strength, support and love all around!  

Susan: Miracle update!  Our God is Mighty to Save...The official word is in about Jen...SHE IS IN REMISSION! Whewhoo! Praise God!  He IS faithful! May He be glorified through this all!  I praise Him for His continual healing of my sis! Thank you for all your prayers & support!  I thank God for all u dear friends!  God is good...All the time! 


Ya-Ya:  After talking with Jen, she is in good spirits.  Although, she is still adjusting to the news she will be going back into the hospital on Monday for the second round of chemo.  It is hard on her as it would be for anyone, to go back and endure.  Her courage and bravery is relentless!  Please pray for continued strength, let God be your guide.  


Jen did great during her bone marrow biopsy procedure today, showing true courage and bravery.


What a surprise to the church members at Covenant Evangelical Methodist Church!  Jen made it out of the house and attended Easter Service.  What a blessed Ressurection day!  Way to go Jen, we are so proud of you!


Susan:  Just to update you all on Jen...she is doing amazing!She is having a nice relaxing week at home!Praise God!He gets all the credit here!He is the best ever!He can do all things!I hope you all will consider coming out to an Easter service this weekend and I hope if you don't know Jesus, you will seek Him! We are all so grateful & thankful to have great friends like you!


Look at how far Jen has come!  It has been exactly 1 month since her initial diagnosis!  She is doing well at home with her adoring and loving family.  Taking it all in, one day at a time.  The battle for Jen is not over, but with our love, support, and prayers, lets keep her lifted up.  God is good!

4-20 and 4-21

Jen has been adjusting well at home and having two really good days in row.  She is still tired, but getting stronger everyday.  Sean is back to coaching and teaching some too.  What amazing strength.........this family is amazing!  


Amber: Jen is having a great day, rejoice!!


Susan: Jen Update: Thanks prayer warriors...more good news! Jen's blood work looks good..oh, wait, let me clarify...EXCEPTIONAL!Doc is very pleased! Our God is Mighty to save! He is so cool! How could you not want to be BFF's with the good Lord!  Continue praying for complete healing...step by step, God carries her, He is faithful!


Ya-Ya's:  Good news!  Jen's fever stayed down and she did not have to be admitted again.  At her scheduled check-up today, the MD was pleased with good lab results.  Her bone marrow procedure has been pushed back one more week.  Keep up your prayers for good days as the family is adjusting to Jen at home.  Please pray for no fevers, no nausea, no infections, and plenty of rest.  


Ya-Ya's:  Jen has been enjoying her time home with her loving family.  What  a blessing! Today she is not feeling very well, please pray for a better day tomorrow with no fever, no infections, and no nausea. She will be going in for a bone marrow procedure tomorrow, please pray for strength, comfort, and good results.


Sean: What a beautiful sight to see, Sadie is asleep in her mothers arms, she has been waiting for 3 1/2 weeks for her "mommy back".


Susan - Ok friends... you ready for this... Stand and Praise the Lord! Jennifer is coming home! WHEWHOO! I knew the sun was shinning beautifully today... I just knew it was gonna be a great day! Always be expecting! God is faithful! Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to lift her up as this will be an adjustment. I pray this weekend will be so special for The Watsons.Thank You sweet Jesus!!!


Sean - She has had a good day.  No fever, WBC @ 5100, platelets @ 66,000.  Checking hemoglobin in the morning.

4-13-11 6PM

Susan - Jen is resting,has been feeling sick today but despite this she has been able to eat. No fever since this morning. Praise GOD! Please continue to pray for her fevers to cease&that she will be able to come home when the time is right! God has an amazing plan & I am excited to see how it plays out...


Sean - WBC at 4000, now pray the fever to leave her body, if we can get her fever free for 48 hrs she can come home


Sean - WBC 1000, no longer neutropenic. Praise God.

4-11-11 6PM

Susan - Just talked to Jen, she is in good spirits! She is amazing really. She has so much strength! She is beginning to feel better, from the fever. She is still feeling warm...but down from 104.Praise God! Tried to get her laughing with all my goat stories! Don't ask... Keep praying! Love you all!


Praise God from whom all blessings come. WBC is at 500. She looks great and is feeling good. She even was trying to clean her room. You got to love her, I sure do.


Sean: Today has been a good day, her WBC was up to 400. We are seeing progress. I am doing well I shaved my head to match Jen. Pictures to come soon.


Susan:  Jen update:She's hanging tough!No fever, feeling pretty good, still has quite a rash...please pray for it to go away!They've given her some lasix for all the fluid building up.Her nurse commented that "Jen was her hero!" I agree 100% w/ that...she's mine too!Pray for a good, fun day for her, also no infections, good kidney function and total healing!LoveU!


Susan:  Jen Update:Jen's had a pretty good...non-eventful day! She had a slight fever earlier, but that is now under control.They are giving her good meds for the infection in her lung.She looked beautiful this morning when I stopped by to see her!She is such an amazing person!I praise God for her life!She has been good to so many...thanks for being so good to her! Love u all!!


Susan: Jen has a small infection in her lung. She is a little fevered now but was able to talk to her kids tonught.

4-7-11 4pm

Susan: Dear Friends, Jen is having a rough day.Please pray for this rash to go away &her temperature to go down.They are using ice packs to help.I so wish I could take this away for her.She's so sweet &does not deserve this!Please please pray.My heart is so sad.It is so not fair!No matter what though... I will continue to Praise God in this storm.He is still in control.Just dont understand.

4-7-11 noon

Sean: Pray for Jen I am starting to see fear in her eyes, pray she will not be discouraged. We are reading the word and praying together, she needs a good day.  I should say nervous or scared instead of fear, she is tough and fears nothing.

Kathy (friend): Jen, we love you so much. I know this is the hardest thing you have ever gone through but you are the strongest and bravest person I know and we are here to go through this with you. You are not alone. Let god guide you to peace and comfort. We pray to him always to hold you tight in his arms so that you have no fear. We love you.


4-6-11 morning

Amber (friend):  Jen's WBC counts are on the rise from her Neupogen recovery injections.  Please pray only healthy cells are regenerated and no cancerous cells form.  Also pray for lessened side effects from the aggressive chemotherapy as these days are the roughest ones.  Let's lift up Jen and her family with our power of prayers!  God Bless! 

4-5-11 evening

Susan (sister): Jen's had a rough day.. lot of ups and downs...just asked Jen's husband, Sean for an update... he replied..."Jen is sitting in a chair eating pudding!" Whewhoo! That's funny! I love it! Praise God for chairs and pudding, ya know! It's the simple things! We must not forget to thank God for the little things too!  Thanks for all your continued prayers... I don't want to sound like a record player... but prayer is such an amazing gift..&I will thank you everyday for what you are doing for Jen!

Prayer requests for Jen:NO SIDE EFFECTS from all the meds, except the good ones! Pray for her Kidneys to re-gain normal function, NO infections,+healthy white blood cells, NO MORE LEUKEMIA CELLS TO EVER COME NEAR TO HER BODY! Pray for strength, comfort, peace and total healing!Also, continue to pray for her husband Sean and their 4 beautiful kids.They really miss her!We all do!Praise God ALWAYS!LOVE U!!

4-5-11 noon

Sean: Well a fever has returned last night, we need to pray that it will stay away, getting a chest cat scan to look for lung infection. Pray that she will keep her spirits up, I am trying to get her to laugh as much as possible.

4-4-11 2pm

 Sean: Jennifer looks good, praise report kidney numbers went down specialist to come in some time today. She still needs prayer as she is retaining fluid. Pray the swelling in her legs and belly go away. She wants to thank everyone again for how you have surrounded our family with love by prayers, cards, dinners, and financial help. We are truly blessed to have you all.


Sean:  After a rough night she is having a good day. Eight bags of platelets last night, four bags of blood today. Pray for her kidneys, numbers are high and they are running all kinds of test on them to determine the problem.

Amber: Please pray for a peaceful nite rest for Jen , after 8 platelet transfusions last night, clotting finally occurred this morning. Today, 4 blood transfusions were needed, and her kidneys were not functioning normally, (hopefully a change in her meds will eliminate this problem). With a slight fever and the start of the recovery injections, she could use extra prayers tonight. During all of this, she is compliant and positive.  Absolutely the bravest girl I know!!! 


Susan: Prayer requests: continued prayer for no fever (she hasn't had one today!), no infection, no side effects from chemo, rest and specifically for her kidneys too, that they function properly. Her numbers are off a little. We love you so much! Thanks for standing firm with us ... 12 days so far! We are sooooo grateful! God is awesome and may He receive all the glory!


Susan: I wish you all could see her room! All of your cards...tons of them, and I mean tons...are decorating the doors and walls. I hope the fire marshall doesn't stop by!I can't tell you how special you all are! Each of you shared such sweet and encouraging messages and the bible verses! WOW!There is so much of God's word&power in this room!

Sean: Not much has changed in her condition at this time. She was able to get some sleep last night. Now if we can keep those temperatures away today. 

3-31-11 Susan Woods

Jen was able to skype with the children tonight! PRAISE GOD FOR HE IS SO MIGHTY! She is resting now. Thank you for your continued prayers against the side effects and infection. We are expecting a complete healing! Whewhoo! Pray that Jen will get to come home soon... maybe Monday?

3-30-11 Evening post from Sean

Jen just finished the last of her chemo. Now her body can start to heal. Her temp also went back down. Pray that she can get some sleep. Alll the praise and glory be to God.

3-30-2011 Sean Watson (husband)

Jen update, side effects are bothering her, she is just not feeling well. Pray for some comfort for her, that the sickness will subside and her numbers will return to normal so she can fight this.

3-30-2011 Susan Woods (sister)

Day#9 Jen Update: Last day of chemo, round #1. My brother had just informed me that her temp is around ~100 and will fluctuate d/t WBC count being down. She is resting.

3-29-11 8pm Susan Woods

Whewhoo!(that's my new favorite word)Jen's temp is back to normal!We will praise Him in this storm!I am not around a bible right now, but someone find the scripture&reference&please post...when we come together in agreement,God answers are prayers!WHEWHOO!He is faithful&we can trust HIm!Thank you for your prayers...again&again!I know you all are mentally&emotionally tired, I pray God renews you!Love you all!

Prayer Warriers Needed! 3-29-11 11am Sean Watson

   Ok prayer warriors it is time to go to work. Jen is spiking a temperature pray that God will bring it down.   Please pray specifically that her fever will come down and there is no infection. 

3-29-11 Sean Watson 9am

Awesome news WBC is 200, and they are going to give her platelets. The doctor said he thought we can finish the treatments at home, yes I said home. Praise God he is awesome.

3-28-11 Sean Watson

Hard to believe it has almost been a full week. Jen is still making great progress. Her white blood cell count is down to 300. Her platelets are down again and may give a transfussion later. She got a large stack of mail, around 20 plus cards. It really moves her to see all the people who are praying for her.

3-27-11 Susan Woods

Day #6 has proven to be an awesome day for Jen, Praise the Good Lord! Just got off the phone w/ her...we watched AFV together(and with the kids too!) different places, but that was fun! She again, is so thankful that you all continue to talk to God on her behalf! He does hear you and He loves you!

3-26-11 Sean Watson

The side effects of the chemo have started pray that they will subside to give her some comfort.

3-25-11 Susan Woods

Dear Friends, Day #4 has proven to be another awesome day! I was able to talk to Jen on the phone again ... she just sounds so great! She was able to get out of bed and walk around the hallway at the hospital! She has been able to read all the fb messages and she received loads of cards today! 

3-24-11 Sean Watson

Today has been a good day. Results from the doctor have been positive, and Jennifer is feeling good. We opened a large stack of mail. She is overwhelmed with peoples kind words and God's love. She feels held up and in God's peace. She wants to tell everyone thank you and she can't wait to be able to talk and visit with you all.

3-23-11 Jeanne Smith


3-22-11 Susan Woods

Facebook friends and prayer warriors, as many of you now know, my sister Jennifer was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia early this AM when she was sent to the ER after being sick and collapsed. This is a form of cancer that attacks her blood system. The cancer is very advanced and is very aggressive. She is at Mon General and is not really allowed to have visitors. I want to tell you she is in the fight for her life. Our God is in control. The battle belongs to him. Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. Her white blood cells are so high, they have her on meds to try to destroy them...while hopefully being able to give her a blood transfusion as soon as she is able to tolerate a transfusion, they will start aggressive chemotherapy. Please specifically pray her white/blood cells even out and that her organs are protected from the lack of oxygen to them. Pray against Stroke, heart attack and anything else the devil tries to throw at her. Our God is mighty...mighty to save Thank you all again, for being my dear friends..for all your prayers, love and support....We thank God for you, all his blessings to us. Amongst my fear of all the reports, I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do through all of this. I try to remind the kids of Daniel in the Lion's den, Parting of the red sea...on and on..all the miracles.God can do ANYTHING! He is mighty to save!


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