Bless the Watsons

Thank you!

A site like this could not be created without a big thank you heard loud and clear from the whole Watson family! As you know them, they would never dream of asking this on their own, but we can!  They are truly grateful and overwhelmed with it all.

Jen's Inspiring Words

"Thanks everyone for all your personal messages of love. I thank God for every connection I have with you. While I have time in here i'm relishing in memories of all my friends and loved ones. Thanks for holding me up. I will try not to get spoiled in here. Today is going well enjoy your families and loved ones rest in His peace."

Sean's Loving Words:

"Thank you for everyones kindness, generosity, and prayers, God does not put you into anything you can't handle. Jennifer is strong and courageous. We can do all things through Christ who gives us courage. He has given me my toughest coaching job ever, but I am up to the task and will coach my beautiful wife back to health, with Him leading us."

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