Bless the Watsons

PayPal Information:

1.  You do not need to make an account with PayPal and can still use their secure site to process your credit card as a guest.

2.  Your donation is being deposited into a special checking account accessible to only Jen and Sean called Bless The Watson's Fund.

3.  Just to let you know, since this is not a non-profit fund, your donation will not qualify for tax exemptions. 

How to use the Paypal Donation Button:

1. Click on the button "Make A Donation"

2. Type in the amount you want to donate in the item price box

3.  Either enter your PayPay login information OR...

4.  Scroll to the bottom and locate:  "Don't have a PayPal Account?  Enter as a guest."

5. Follow the prompts in the PayPal including your credit card information. 

6.  Your donation will be processed securely through the PayPal site.

7.  You will be sent a notice of your receipt and the money will be linked into the Bless the Watson's Fund.