Bless the Watsons

Thank you!

A site like this could not be created without a big thank you heard loud and clear from the whole Watson family! As you know them, they would never dream of asking this on their own, but we can!  They are truly grateful and overwhelmed with it all.

Jen's Inspiring Words

"Thanks everyone for all your personal messages of love. I thank God for every connection I have with you. While I have time in here i'm relishing in memories of all my friends and loved ones. Thanks for holding me up. I will try not to get spoiled in here. Today is going well enjoy your families and loved ones rest in His peace."

Sean's Loving Words:

"Thank you for everyones kindness, generosity, and prayers, God does not put you into anything you can't handle. Jennifer is strong and courageous. We can do all things through Christ who gives us courage. He has given me my toughest coaching job ever, but I am up to the task and will coach my beautiful wife back to health, with Him leading us."

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Jennifer is now healed in heaven, Janurary 30th, 9:30pm. 

Upcoming News

:) Wednesday, November 30th (Day zero) is the big day for the bone marrow transplant!  Please pray for both Jen and Susan!  Pray, pray, pray this is the CURE for Jen!!  

:)  The timeline for success is a long one, please uplift Jen and her family during this stressful time.  Pray for patience, strength, positive thoughts, and a CURE!

:) Days 5 thru Days 30-45 (or 4-6 weeks) Jen will remain in the hospital.  Visitation will be very limited and she will be following strict guidlines by the hospital to keep her healthy during this time.  Pray that Susan's marrow is erradicating the leukemic cells and keeps them from every forming again!  Pray Jen does not experience rejection reactions from the donor marrow.  Pray for a CURE!!

:) Days 45-75 Jen and family members will be able to stay in a nearby apartment coming back in for blood work every other day.  Continue your prayers for a CURE!!

:)  Days 75-100 (February), Jen will possibly be able to come home and return once a week for blood work.  Continue your prayers!

:) Please consider donating to help cover the costs of the expensive medical bills, especially for the experimental study at OSU.

:) Jen's family will need dinners during the week while she is away, be sure to check with the Helping Hands tab to coordinate meals.  (They will not need meals Friday-Sunday of each week.)

:) It would be helpful to stock up the "kids kitchen" with lunch food items for school and daycare as well.

Thank you and God Bless!

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Specific Prayers Needed

December 19th, 2011

Please pray the bone marrow received from Susan will be the CURE for Jen!  Pray for strength, no infections and peace for Jen and her family.  

Number of Donators

December 19th, 2011


Thank you!!!